Tommie Branch grew-up in a small town in Franklin, VA. In a one bed-room house, seven kids in one bed, while his mother slept on the couch. His mother would send him fishing without a pole. She would say to him, "Sit beside a man with a tackle box, and don't disturb him. Just pretend to do what he does, and he will give you some of his fish." After listening to his mother, Tommie came home with more fish then he could hold. Years later he wrote a song about the experience entitled, "Cast Your Line". This song is on Tommie's new album, Broken Branch Vol.1. Music found Tommie thru his wife, she was watching the Country music videos. When she told him that he sounded like that, and that he should pursue music. So Tommie went from cleaning to singing, and becoming a prolific songwriter of Bluegrass and Country songs.